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Hey my name is Amanda, I am 18 years old. I love my horse Patch, we have been working on making him a hunter paced pony. I have been riding since i was 1 year old. I have been do GSWEC shows since I was 8 years old. I am a D-2 for PC. I love Anime, but lately I haven't been as addicted more like the past year, but I still like it! I love video games! and thats pretty much all you need to know about me!


the single most unnecessary yet hilarious line in the film

Me: he has terrible posture.
Me: EXCUSE ME. Heels down.
Me: wrong diagonal.
Me: this is awful I can't watch this.
Friend: shut up we're watching Tangled it literally doesn't matter.
Nurse: "Sorry your boyfriend couldn't wait for you in the waiting room, it makes women feel uncomfortable."
Me: "He wasn't my boyfriend and I don't see how it would make them uncomfortable, but that's my opinion. He was here for moral support. I understood, and so does he."
Nurse: "So he's your...."
Me: "Friend."
Nurse: (During the question asking) "How many sexual partners have you had?"
Me: "11."
Nurse: "How old were you when you first became sexually active?"
Me: "....Loaded question but....14, I guess."
Nurse: "You're sexually active, then."
Me: "Well....I guess...but..."
Nurse: "How many times have you been pregnant?"
Me: "Uh. 0."
Nurse: "O...kayy...-Checks 'condoms' as my preferred use of birth control-"
Me: "I don't use condoms. Or take birth control."
Nurse: "Then how do you avoid getting pregnant?"
Me: "With homosexuality."
Me: "I fuck girls."
I thought this was taking a TFIOS turn, lol